by GALENTHEPROPHET

                           "The Song of the Millennium"


    "Do you think maybe I could be Pussywhipped?" .....or......

      Are we 'Pussywhipped'? Are we so much under the control of the desire of a woman (or a man) that all our decisions in life are based on that desire? Does our partner really know what power he, or she,wields over the other half of our relationship? Or do we not know? That power is often a "two-way" power, reaching back to the originator of the power. The sex of the partners does not matter,
only the'desire'.The 'desire' is what the song is all about! As the song says,

'No way I can be'Pussywhipped' ,

but I'm not really sure about you!" _________________

                                         PARTY ANIMAL

Featuring 'Galen and His Country Sax'
From my years of playing music in clubs, bars, and restaurants, I've seen many 'party animals', who inspired the title song. This CD is a reflection of my 'country rock music' side, which I played for years.
   'Precious Words' is about two grandparents in Love
for fifty years, and tells how Grandma died in Grandpa's arms, while both were working in the field. One of my favorite songs that I've written, I must confess that 'Grandma and Grandpa' are both fictional in this song, since my grandparents were divorced. (Go figure!)
   'Chasin' Rainbows' is about my journey through life as a musician and singer. Also, this tune was my son's favorite, and that means something very special, since Brandon passed away about ten years ago.  
For you, son!
   There are three more songs on the CD, so give a listen, and I hope you enjoy!

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